EMSTARS Training

Day 1 PowerPoint

Day 2 PowerPoint

Documed HELP Text

The Documed HELP Text is a web version of the text in HELP on the Toughbooks. It is manually created and may not always be up to date. It is here for those who would like to view the HELP text but do not have a PC with which to do so.

Captain’s Check List

The Captain's Check List is a regularly updated repository of information that continually increases as the squad gains experience in using the hardware and software associated with the EMSTARS project. It is a "Must Read" for all First Responders, EMTs, Captains, and Assistant Captains.

We suggest visiting the Captain's Check List at least once a week to get the latest information on new procedures and tips on how to simplify our operation with respect to EMSTARS.

Captain’s Heads Up – Peer-to-Peer Training

CMS Condition Codes

Impressions Definitions 

Major Lists in Reporter

Vitals Recording Form